MEET THE SEAVERS (MTS) brings Nashville a new genre of music called “MERGE”.

A potent concoction of Jazz, odd time signatures and unusual changes wrapped around an ingenious lyric.

Their music has been called brilliant, ambitious and mischievously clever.

Having a reputation for a “thoroughly non-Nashville show”, the Nashville scene calls MTS: “The closet thing Nashville has to Vaudeville.”

“You Don’t Want To Tango With The Inquisition” is their first full length release. It was recorded in East Nashville and features a full band comprised of well-known Nashville musicians. Included on the recording are several compositions from their musical comedy about the Spanish Inquisition entitled “Throwing Stones At The Sun”.

MTS has television show on local Nashville Channel 19 which is entitled “Meet the Seavers”. The show features their music along with short comedic skits, various Composers and interviews with local individuals.  Click On "Television Show" to view recent episodes.
The group performs at numerous clubs, Festivals and museums in and around the southern region of the united states. Depending on the venue, MTS performs as a duo with only Upright Bass and Vocals or with a larger accompaniment consisting of Drums, Piano, Horn section and the occasional Theremin. Their set-list is 95% original music composed by Jace K. Seavers.
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  • John

    John O'Neal

    Heard you at the Frist tonight. You have a fabulous sound, I love it.
    Heard you at the Frist tonight. You have a fabulous sound, I love it.